Businesswoman holding seedlingI approach my work with people (adults, adolescents or children) using unconditional positive regard, (Carl Rogers). This approach helps people know they are safe enough to begin their healing process. My deep understanding of, and respect for, emotions enables me to facilitate people’s process, with ease, as they work through difficult emotions and discover their truth. Learning how to be aware of and how to use emotions well is an important skill that improves an individuals relationship with him/her self and others.

People have amazing resiliency and wisdom that help them recover, heal and live healthy, productive lives. I listen deeply and ask reflective questions that help people discover their wisdom, strength’s, solution’s, and resiliency. People with issues about their family of origin, illness such as cancer, PTSD, ADHD, depression, business setbacks/failures, miscarriages or other difficult experiences are a few examples of those who have been highly successful due to my work with them.

Working through grief, anxiety, depression, PTSD, anger, and other feelings becomes much easier as people talk about their concern’s and increase their coping skills. People increase self growth and self-actualization as they reduce barriers to joy, compassion, self-esteem, peace, spiritual connection and love.

As people heal they uncover their authentic self, define their personal value system, and raise their integrity to create the life they want. Their lives become healthier, more enjoyable and productive. A life they can live according to their personal definition of success becomes increasingly healthy, authentic and enjoyable.

I feel honored by and am grateful for the ability to work with people, creating the therapeutic process that helps them feel comfortable.

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