The Science of Emotion

Over many years of scientific investigation, we have come to recognize that the old argument between nature and nurture is null and void. Science have proven that both nature and nurture work together to form personalities. At the… Read More

Judgement or Acceptance in Relationships

Choices and Differences The ability to decide what we like or dislike is an important part of being an individual. It is enriching to have choices about what to eat, wear, do, etc.  Many of our choices become… Read More

Attitudes in Relationships

For many years, I felt uncomfortable when someone started talking about another person’s “attitude.” It seemed that the speaker was angry and wanted to make the other person change. When the angry person exploded with “I don’t like… Read More


Validation is a vital part of healthy relationships. When a person is validated they feel safe, heard and understood. Validation is like water; we all need it. Invalidation is to question, reject, ignore, mock, tease, judge, or diminish… Read More